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Why myQBook?

Our philosophy is simple: The best way to help your child become competent in Math is through consistent and sustained practice.

The top 10 reasons our customers love myQBook are:

  • It is fun and challenging for students with built-in incentives for students to want to work more
  • It offers a structured and flexible practice program
  • It offers an industry leading number sense practice program
  • It presents concept explanations with sample problems
  • It provides immediate feedback on student’s work as if a teacher or parent is sitting right next to the student and helping him with his work
  • It sends weekly customized reports to parents so parents know how much work their student is doing and can reward the child for good work
  • It provides practice for standardized tests
  • It can be used anywhere anytime - no need to travel to any centers
  • It provides a detailed analysis of the student’s strong and weak areas
  • It stores all the work in the system so students and parents can review old work any time
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