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I used myQBook Number Sense online prep program with the students I coach at Melissa Ridge Intermediate School's UIL Number Sense team. My students could access the myQBook programs anytime at home on their iPads, laptop, or home computer. This made it very accessible which in turn made it very useful to them. The concepts for the Number Sense program are explained in a very easy to understand manner. The "Why It Works" explanation for the tricks is a great way for students to understand the reasons behind the concepts which is very important in mathematics. The "Why It Works" explanation also helps them remember the tricks better on test day. The practice questions after every concept are helpful to learn the concept well. The full length online tests provide students plenty of practice.

My students placed well in their district UIL competition. We placed 1st in 5th grade and 3rd in 4th grade and placed 2nd in team competition for both 4th and 5th grades. I loved the myQBook program for its excellent content and ease of use. I would highly recommend it to any teacher or parent and students.

Jeff Provost: Retired teacher and present Number Sense and Math Club coach - at Melissa Ridge Intermediate school in Melissa ISD. TX

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