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Differentiation in the Classroom

Every class room across the world has students who are at different competence levels in Math. That is, some students in the class might be very good in Math while some others in the same class might be struggling quite a bit. This phenomenon is especially pronounced in the American public school system. The reason for this disparity is that the public schools do not have any choice but to admit children of all academic levels residing within a geographic area in the same class irrespective of their competence levels.

Faced with this situation, it’s quite difficult for a math teacher to effectively meet the needs of all students in the class. This is where myQBook can help a teacher do wonders with her students. Using myQBook in the class room can provide the following benefits to the teacher:

  • Allows differentiated strategies for individual students – advanced students can do more challenging work and not get bored, while students who are behind can focus on the basics to improve their fundamental understanding of Math concepts.
  • Motivates students to do more Math practice at their own pace
  • Saves valuable teachers’ time by eliminating copying of paper exercises and manual checking of paper worksheets
  • Allows teachers to spend more time with students teaching difficult concepts
  • Provides teachers with detailed analysis of each students strong and weak areas - allowing them to understand what concepts needs reinforcement for each student
  • Saves the environment by cutting down on paper usage

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* These states are using or are in the process of converting to the Common Core Curriculum

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