Fall Promotional Offer for Schools:

We are offering a full year subscription to myQBook Number Sense (NS) and Mathematics preparation programs for unlimited number of students in your school for only $400 (a huge discount compared to the school pricing of $714 for just 10 students for a full year). If you would, however, like to use only NS or only Mathematics, the promotional offer is $250 per school for an unlimited number of students.

Due to the COVID situation many schools have decided not to have UIL competitions or preparation on campus this year. This is a huge blow to students’ learning and advancement. However, even without the pressure of UIL competitions, students can be motivated to continue their advanced learning with the help of programs like myQBook and a little encouragement from their teachers.

With the myQBook programs teachers can set an easy goal for their students of learning 8 to 10 concepts a week. This will enable students to continuously improve their math skills and be better prepared for their future.

Because of the COVID situation, this year we are also offering the myQBook Math Enrichment program for just $150 per grade. This program is a comprehensive and structured program for grades 1 to 6 that complements and reinforces the math concepts taught in school.

This offer is valid only until October 31. To take advantage of this unique offer, simply send an email to info@myqbook.com with your name, email address and school name expressing your interest in the promotional offer. You may also reach us at 972-968-8072.
To Subscribe
Please login to your teacher/parent account and click on “Buy Subscription” on the left hand side menu.
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