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myQBook Number Sense Preparation Program
The most comprehensive and easy to use UIL number sense preparation program in the nation
Participate in our free monthly online meets and give your students additional opportunities to practice for the UIL/TMSCA Number Sense tests.
Testimonials "I appreciate very much the opportunity for my students at Nixon-Smiley High School to use the myQBook Number Sense program. It is one of the best computer programs for number sense practice that I have ever...    more
Number Sense General Information

Number Sense (NS) is considered to be an extremely important topic in Math education. NS helps students to easily understand the complex relationships between numbers and perform quick mental calculations to solve all kinds of Math problems.

This section of the myQBook NS program explains number sense in general and discusses how to use this program to prepare for the UIL, University Interscholastic League, number sense competition.
Number Sense concepts/tricks

This section of the myQBook NS program has more than 350 concepts and shortcuts each supplemented with solved sample problems and 5 to 10 additional practice questions. The program also describes in detail the “why” behind each concept so that students get the best understanding of each concept.

A good understanding of these concepts and shortcuts will not only help students to secure a good score in NS competitions but will also help them develop life long mental math skills. These skills will help students in all math tests in the future including college entrance exams such as SAT and ACT.
How to best prepare for a Number Sense Contest

This section of myQBook NS program provides parents and students with steps and ideas on how to best prepare for the number sense contest. As with any contest, the competition in number sense contests is fierce. Many students have been working on sharpening their number sense skills for several years.

Hence, in addition to a good understanding of each of the concepts and tricks, students will need plenty of practice to secure a place in the contest. Students who wish to seriously compete in this contest should follow a methodical approach to reach their goals.

Number Sense Practice Tests

This section of myQBook NS program provides students with 12 full length practice tests at each of the three levels – Elementary, Middle School and High School. Students are encouraged to take each test multiple times, so that they get sufficient practice for the competition.

After taking each test, students have the opportunity to not only review the completed test but also attempt the questions they were not able to get to in the first 10 minutes. While reviewing the test, students can also see a detailed explanation of the correct way to solve each problem.


“I appreciate very much the opportunity for my students at Nixon-Smiley High School to use the myQBook Number Sense program. It is one of the best computer programs for number sense practice that I have ever seen. It not only has the best explanation of number sense concepts but also has a great amount of practice questions for students to practice.

Students can practice short-cuts and take practice tests and I get the results sent to me each week on my computer. This gives the students a great opportunity to practice Number Sense any time they have the opportunity. With school time so busy, it is a great tool to help students improve in Number Sense. Students can click on any question on a number sense test and it will give them a short cut or way to compute the answer in their head.

I would highly recommend this program to any school that is interested in improving Number Sense scores and helping students be better over-all Math students.”

Randy Ballard, Geometry teacher and NS Coach - Nixon-Smiley High School, Nixon-Smiley CISD

“myQBook is a great help for coaching my Number Sense students. It allows them extra practice time based on their individual schedule and I have found many number sense tips that I was not aware of. I've coached UIL Number Sense for over 15 years and this is the first really innovative program I've come across. Some sites are very cumbersome to use, but myQBook makes it easy to set up and manage student accounts and it is extremely easy for students to navigate as well.”

Debra Witherspoon, 7th Grade Pre-AP Math Teacher and NS Coach - J.W. Williams Middle School, Rockwall ISD

“myQBook's Number Sense program is a phenomenal online program to train students for the Number Sense competition. With very clear explanations and examples of hundreds of concepts provided on the website, my students can work on it from home without much assistance. Additionally, the "Why does it work" behind every trick allows students to really understand the tricks better, and remember it on test day. The online tests which can be taken any number of times, is a fantastic feature which allows for plenty of needed practice.

My team placed second at last year’s meet. The weekly student report that I receive keeps me well informed on my students' progress. I love the program and would recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderful tool for Number Sense”

Stephanie Baker, Number Sense Coach and 8th Grade Math Teacher - Mabank Junior High School, Mabank ISD

“I used myQBook's Number Sense Program with my students this year. My students and I loved it. Thanks to this program, one of my eighth graders earned 1st place in the UIL competition.

The myQBook Number Sense program was extremely beneficial to my students as they could find everything they needed for their UIL number sense preparation in one convenient place. myQBook has hundreds of concept explanations, numerous practice questions per concept, and many practice tests with detailed answer explanations. Students can even check off concepts when completed and watch their progress as they complete more concepts in the system.

The myQBook NS program is also a wonderful tool for coaches and teachers. First, it saves us hours of photo-copying practice tests and scouring the Internet for practice material. We can access detailed reports of each of our students' activity and test results in the program. Perhaps the best feature of myQBook Number Sense is that it automatically checks all practice tests and practice questions immediately after they are submitted.

Overall, the myQBook NS program is a great tool for teaching number sense. I would recommend it to any teacher, whether you are training students for Number Sense competition or looking for enrichment to your students' math curriculum.”

Miles Knight, 6th grade Pre -AP Math teacher and NS Coach - Sloan Creek Middle School, Lovejoy ISD

“I used myQBook's number sense program for my students during the 2011-2012 year. I had more than 20 students and all of them used the program quite well this year. I found the myQBook program to be the most comprehensive and versatile program in the market today.

The program is not only quite easy to use but is also quite motivating for students. Students can see the percent of concepts they have completed as soon as they log in to the system. This keeps them motivated to keep doing as many concepts as possible; as a result some of my students completed 100% of the concepts in the program. Students also get motivated to see their progress on the available practice tests. They can take each test as many times as they want and see how their scores improve over time. This makes students highly motivated to keep on taking more and more tests and continue to improve

Another reason I like the program is that it allows me to focus on the most difficult of the concepts instead of having to explain all the concepts to students. I highly recommend the program to anyone serious about improving their mental math skills.”

Erik Peterson, Number Sense Coach - 6th Grade Science, Math/ Science Team Sponsor - Fowler Middle School, Frisco ISD

“I used myQBook's Number Sense program this year to prepare my students for the UIL and TMSCA math and science competition. The students I coached placed 1st, 3rd, and 5th in the UIL NS Competition and several students qualified to compete in the state competition in San Antonio in April. Our team as a whole also won the 1st place. Overall, I loved the myQBook program and would highly recommend it to anyone taking part in the NS Competition. I specifically liked the ease of use and comprehensiveness of the program. My students were easily able to navigate through the program and study the more than 200 concepts and tricks available in the program. The practice questions after each concept allowed for plenty of practice needed in reinforcing the concept. Finally the 12 timed sample tests were a boon for our most motivated students. They could take each test as many times as they wanted and then understand the mistakes they made by reading through the methodical explanations provided for each question. In closing, I was fortunate to have used this program to coach my students and I strongly recommend this program to anyone seriously preparing for the Number Sense competition.”

Steven M, Teacher and Number Sense Coach - William B. Travis Academy/Vanguard for the Academically Talented and Gifted, Dallas, TX – March 2011

“I would like to thank myQBook for creating such an awesome number sense program. With the help of their amazing resources, our students this year were learning to the fullest and were continuously challenged to accomplish more.

As a result, our 4th and 5th grade students who competed for NUMBER SENSE during the recent Elementary UIL competition received the following awards:

THIRD PLACE - one 4th grade representative

FIRST & THIRD PLACE - two 5th grade representatives

These productive results eventually led our students to be the district champs.

Once again, we greatly appreciate the opportunity to use myQBook number sense program this year and look forward to using it again next year”

Charlene C. Macawili, Math Specialist - North Shore Elementary , Galena Park ISD

“I used the myQBook Number Sense program during the 2011-12 school year. This was my first year to coach UIL Number Sense and the myQBook program made my task quite easy and exciting. The program was very easy to use and since it is an online program, the kids were able to work at home as well as access the site at school.

I would introduce a mental math trick or skill on the smart board and the students would then do the practice problems. I gave them adequate amount of time to work on the myQBook program each week in class. I told them they needed to study/practice on their own at home also in order to do well. Because of the ease of use of the program, my students were able to practice quite a bit at home.

One of my students placed 2nd over all the 4th graders in the district. It was his first UIL Number Sense competition. I give the myQBook program credit for this

Thank you for allowing us to use your program this year. We hope to be able to use it again next year.”

Diane Moore-Gifted and Talented Teacher and Number Sense Coach-Chandler Elementary, Allen ISD

“I have been using myQBook's number sense program with my UIL number sense team for the last few months, and both the students and I love the program. This program is the best tool that I have seen in the market for students as well as their coaches. For students, it is a very easy to use tool and the fact that it is online allows students to access it outside the designated number sense class practice time. The program explains all required concepts for the competition in a very easy to understand manner. All concepts are neatly arranged in appropriate categories, so students can find any concept they need without much trouble.

In the program, the students first review the concepts and the worked out examples and then solve multiple practice problems. This helps to reinforce the concepts in their minds. Once students master a concept, they mark that concept as completed in the program. The tool then shows what percent of the total concepts each student has covered. This helps both the students and me to understand the progress each student is making.

Another unique feature of the program is that it has plenty of online timed tests that offer great practice for the actual test. After students take a test, they can also view the explanations of how each question should be solved using the concepts taught in the program. Since these tests can be taken any number of times, the students get ample practice for the test.

Lastly, I love the reporting features of the program for the coaches. I get a weekly report that shows how my students are progressing both on concepts and practice tests. As a coach, I can also view the details of any tests taken by the students. This enables me to understand which concepts have been mastered by the students and which concepts they might need extra help with.

I find the myQBook program very beneficial and have already recommended it to other teachers. I would highly recommend it to all number sense coaches and students.”

Claire Thomas - Number Sense Coach - Green Elementary School - Allen ISD - Allen, TX - January 2012

“I used myQBook’s Number Sense Program to train students for the UIL Number Sense competition. I loved the program for many of its unique features. First and foremost, it is very easy to use. Second, the myQBook program has more number sense concepts and tricks than I have ever seen in one place. The concepts in the program are explained in an easy to understand way that even small children can understand. In addition, each concept has plenty of practice questions to reinforce that understanding. But the most important feature that sets this program apart from any other program is the 12 sample Number Sense tests that they have online. The program allows a student 10 minutes to take a test, and then it immediately presents the results to the student. The student can then review the answer sheet which also provides a detailed explanation on how to solve each question. During review the students can also solve the remaining questions that they couldn’t get to in the first 10 minutes. Since the program allows students to take a test any number of times, my students were able to take the same test multiple times to get a good practice and get really comfortable with the format of the tests. Finally since the program can be accessed from home, the students were able to get plenty of practice outside of school. I’m very glad to have had the opportunity to use the program and would highly recommend it to anyone coaching students for the Number Sense competition”

Jocelyn C, Guidance counselor and Number Sense Coach - Beaver Technology Center, Garland ISD, Garland, TX – January 2011

“I used myQBook’s Number Sense Program to help prepare my students for the UIL Number Sense competition. This is an excellent self-paced program that the students can do not only at home, but as an additional resource with the pencil and paper practice that we do at school. MyQbook is a very easy program for the students to use and also is very teacher friendly for keeping track of the student’s progress. There are many number sense concepts and tricks that were helpful to the students while we were preparing for competition and they can still use these skills in the regular classroom. The concepts in the program are explained in a way that was easy to understand. In addition, each concept has plenty of practice questions to reinforce that understanding. Finally, since the program can be accessed from home, the students were able to get plenty of practice outside of school. I’m very glad to have had the opportunity to use the program and would highly recommend it to anyone coaching students for the Number Sense competition”

Stacey C, Gifted and Talented Educator and Number Sense UIL coach - Denton Creek Elementary, Coppell, Texas – February 2011