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myQBook UIL Mathematics Preparation Program
The most comprehensive and easy to use UIL Mathematics preparation program in the nation
Participate in our free monthly online meets and give your students additional opportunities to practice for the UIL/TMSCA Mathematics tests.

UIL Mathematics General Information

The University Interscholastic League, UIL, is created and run by the University of Texas at Austin. UIL offers various interschool academic, athletic and music competitions to all Texas school students from 2nd grade to 12th grade. You can find more information on UIL by visiting

UIL mathematics is one of the math contests offered under the UIL academics contests. The contest includes problems covering most math topics covered by students in middle and high school. This section of the myQBook UIL Mathematics program explains the UIL Mathematics contest in general and discusses how to use this program to prepare for the contest.
myQBook UIL Mathematics Concepts and Tricks

This section of the myQBook UIL Mathematics preparation program has more than 350 concepts and shortcuts each supplemented with solved sample problems and 10 additional practice questions. The program also describes in detail the “why” behind each concept so that students get the best understanding of each concept.

A good understanding of these concepts and shortcuts will not only help students to secure a good score in UIL Mathematics competitions but will also help them develop life long math skills. These skills will help students in all types of math tests in the future including college entrance exams such as SAT and ACT.
How to best prepare for the UIL Mathematics Contest

This section of the myQBook UIL mathematics program provides parents and students with steps and ideas on how to best prepare for the UIL Mathematics contest. As with any contest, the competition in UIL Mathematics contests is fierce. Many of the contestants work for several years to sharpen their math skills and go through hundreds of hours of training to compete in this contest.

Hence, in addition to a good understanding of each of the concepts and tricks, students will need plenty of practice to secure a place in the contest. Students who wish to seriously compete in this contest should follow a methodical approach to reach their goals.

UIL Mathematics Practice Tests

This section of myQBook UIL mathematics program provides students with 12 full length practice tests at each of the two levels – Middle School and High School. Students are encouraged to take each test multiple times, so that they get sufficient practice for the contest.

After taking each test, students have the opportunity to not only review the completed test but also attempt the questions they were not able to get to during the test. While reviewing the test, students can also see the specific myQBook Math concept used to solve each problem.