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Simple Sentence

A simple sentence is made up of one and only one independent clause. It has a complete subject and a complete predicate, and nothing more. Consider the following example:

Jerry ran away.

This sentence has only three words in it: a simple subject, a simple predicate, and an adverb. It is one of the most simple sentences in our language.

Simple sentences, however, can also be quite long. For example:

Martha and Noah sang, danced, and performed magic tricks at the fundraiser event last Tuesday evening.

Some students get confused when they see simple sentences with compound subjects and/or predicates. The above example has a compound subject (Martha and Noah) and a compound predicate (sang, danced, and performed). Just because a sentence has a compound subject and/or a compound predicate does not mean that the sentence itself is compound. In this case, the sentence is still a simple sentence, just with a compound subject and predicate.


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