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An appositive’s job is to add clarifying or describing information to a noun or pronoun. An appositive itself is a noun or pronoun, usually with words and phrases to modify it. An appositive’s function is similar to that of an adjective because it describes a noun or pronoun. Consider the following sentence:

His house, a spacious Mediterranean house with two balconies overlooking the ocean, was the coolest house I have ever seen.

In the above sentence, the underlined phrase is an appositive, and it adds descriptive information to the noun “house.”

Appositives can come before or after the noun or pronoun that they add information to:

A sleek, luxurious airplane with multiple built in phones, Jerry’s jet is his favorite way to get around the world.

In this sentence, the appositive comes before the noun and adds information to the noun “jet”.

In the above examples, the appositives have had many modifiers added on to them. However, appositives don’t necessarily have to contain modifiers. Consider the following example:

My crocodile Chomp loves to eat bacon.

In the above example, “Chomp” is the appositive; it is a noun that describes another noun: “crocodile”.


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