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A phrase is a group of words that function together to perform a single job in a sentence. A phrase has a subject or a predicate, but not both. A phrase usually includes a part of speech and any of its modifiers. There are many different types of phrases:

1.       Noun Phrase: A noun with words that modify it. For example:

·         The big, scary monster

·         A rare but aggressive lizard

·         Some dedicated followers


2.       Verb Phrase: A verb with any auxiliary verbs, direct objects, or indirect objects that come with it. For example:

·         must buy her a car

·         should have escaped the prison

·         could have followed his friend


3.       Prepositional Phrase: A preposition with its object and any modifiers of that object. For example:

·         into the barren desert

·         after the devastating tropical storm

·         over the lush, green rainforest


For more types of phrases, such as adjective phrases, adverb phrases, participle phrases, and more, see the next grade level concepts.


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