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Regular Adjectives

Regular adjectives are simple. They describe nouns and usually come right before those nouns. Here are some examples:

Big bus

Tiny mouse

Deep canyon

Pleasing person

All of these adjectives add detail to the noun that they are describing.

There is a specific kind of regular adjective called a predicate adjective. This type of adjective does exactly the same thing, but it is located in a different place in the sentence. Predicate adjectives are located after linking verbs. For example:

That boy is happy.

Here, "happy" is the adjective. It is describing the boy, which is the noun. "Is" is the linking verb. Notice the predicate adjective comes after the linking verb. Predicate adjectives always follow linking verbs, so if there is no linking verb, there is no predicate adjective.

Predicate adjectives are important to writing because they emphasize the adjective in the sentence. With regular adjectives, little emphasis is given to the adjective. Consider the example sentence from above; the entire sentence is about the boy being happy.


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