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A pronoun is a word used in place of a noun. For example, consider the following sentences:

Look at Lisa. She is dancing enthusiastically on the stage. Her friends Anne and Betty have come to see her. They are happy to see their friend perform so well.

In the above sentences, “she”, “her”, “they” and “their” are pronouns.

Pronouns are divided into 7 categories or types.

a)      Personal pronouns

b)      Relative pronouns

c)       Demonstrative pronouns

d)      Indefinite pronouns

e)      Interrogative pronouns

f)       Reflexive pronouns

g)      Intensive pronouns

All these types of pronouns (except interrogative, reflexive, and intensive,) will be reviewed in the following sections. We will review the last three types of pronouns in the next grade level grammar concepts.

First, however, we will look at antecedents of pronouns and how to make sure a pronoun and its antecedent agree with each other.


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