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Math Grade
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First Grade
Comparing, ordering, addition, subtraction, simple fractions, time, money, shapes, measurements, etc.
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Second Grade
Place value, geometrical shapes, measurement systems, multiplication, division, fractions, probability, etc.
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Third Grade
Multiplication, division, probability, data in charts & graphs, applied geometry, decimals, mixed numbers, etc.
See all 186 skills
Fourth Grade
Large numbers, fraction manipulations, statistics, data and graphs, multiplying decimals, converting measurements, etc.
See all 204 skills
Fifth Grade
Number theory, multiplying & dividing fractions, ratio and proportions, rates and percentages, permutation & combinations, etc.
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Sixth Grade
Introduction to algebra, integers, coordinate plane, functions, ratio and proportions, polygons, data & statistics, etc.
See all 415 skills
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Sixth Grade skills set.

Here is a list of all of the skills students learn in Grade 6. The skills are organized into categories, and
you can move your mouse over any skill name to see a sample question.

Whole numbers

Properties of whole numbers and order of operation

Estimating with whole numbers

Number Theory

Algebra – Expressions

Algebra – Equation with one variable

Understanding integers

Addition and subtraction of integers

Multiplication and division of integers

Co-ordinate plane and functions

Comparing and ordering fractions

Multiplication and Division of Fractions

Comparing and ordering decimals

Addition and subtraction of decimals

Multiplication and division of decimals

Solving fraction and decimal equations

Sequence and Pattern

Ratio and proportion



Percent Problems in every day shopping and banking

Similar figures

Geometry – Lines and Angles

Geometry – Polygons

Measurement and geometric figures

Statistics – Mean, median, mode

Statistics – Displaying and interpreting data

Geometry – Polygon Relationships

Measurement – Area of polygons and circles

Volumes of Prisms and Cylinders

Surface area of Prisms, Pyramids and Cylinders

Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

Customary Measurement

Metric Measurement


Measurement – Time & temperature
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