Why myQBook:

myQBook combines 3 math enrichment programs to help students build extraordinary math competence.

Our Math Enrichment Program provides a strong math foundation to students in grade 1 through 6 and our Number Sense and Mathematics competition preparation programs build on that strong foundation to provide in depth understanding and practice for higher level math concepts.

Our Number Sense and Mathematics preparation programs are designed specially to train students participating in the UIL, TMSCA and PSIA competitions held in schools across Texas.
What our users say:

I used the myQBook Number Sense program during the 2011-12 school year. This was my first year to coach UIL Number Sense and the myQBook program made my task quite easy and exciting. The program was very easy to use and since it is an online program, the kids were able to work at home as well as access the site at school.
I would introduce a mental math trick or skill on the smart board and the students would then do the practice problems. I gave them adequate amount of time to work on the myQBook program each week in class. I told them they needed to study/practice on their own at home also in order to do well. Because of the ease of use of the program, my students were able to practice quite a bit at home.
One of my students placed 2nd over all the 4th graders in the district. It was his first UIL Number Sense competition. I give the myQBook program credit for this.
Thank you for allowing us to use your program this year. We hope to be able to use it aga.......

Diane Moore Gifted and Talented Teacher and Number Sense Coach-Chandler Elementary, Allen ISD

myQBook UIL, TMSCA, and PSIA all conduct regular Number Sense competitions. We offer the most comprehensive and easy to use UIL/TMSCA/PSIA Number Sense preparation program.

Unlike other websites with only explanations of some number sense concepts, we offer a very structured approach to learning and practicing number sense concepts. Starting from the most basic number sense concepts in our Elementary School level, to more challenging concepts in our Middle School level, to the most advanced concepts in our High School level, we cover more than 350 concepts with numerous practices problems for each concept.

In addition, we have 20 full length practice tests at each level (elementary, middle and high school) for a total of 60 practice tests with explanations of how to solve each problem.

Texas School Teachers: If you have never used our programs, you can request a free trial.

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UIL, TMSCA, and PSIA all conduct regular Mathematics competitions. We offer the most comprehensive and easy to use UIL/TMSCA/PSIA Mathematics preparation program.

Our structured UIL/TMSCA/PSIA Mathematics program consists of easy to understand concept explanations with 10 or more practice problems with each concept explanation and 20 full length practice tests for each level.

Texas School Teachers: If you have never used our programs, you can request a free trial.

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The myQBook Math Enrichment Program is a comprehensive and structured math enrichment program that students in grade 1 to 6 use as a complement to the math curriculum taught in school.

At myQBook, our philosophy is simple: The best way to become competent in Math is through consistent and sustained practice.

We not only explain every math concept in an easy to understand way, but also provide enough guided practice worksheets for every concept to help secure that concept in the student’s memory.

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